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Bewasys is used in companies of all sizes, e.g., in small recycling centres, in governmental systems as well as in large companies with interfaces to a wide range of third-party software.

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The software is designed as a web application and can therefore be deployed either on a server at the customer's premises, at a local hosting provider or in any cloud solution defined by the customer.

Bewasys can be offered in any language. A language selection switches to the desired language.

Thanks to the modular structure, functionalities are customised to customer's needs. Multi-client capability and individual rights management can be taken for granted.

A customer's existing scaling solution can be connected to local and remote Bewasys installations.

The recorded processes - for example receivals, charges, external weighing or any orders - can be invoiced using the Bewasys invoicing module. Interfaces to financial accounting software allow data to be transferred. Invoices can be created in a customised layout - eliminating the need for prefabricated header sheets.

Customer's reporting requirements are faced by comprehensive statistics. For example, statistics for any quantities can be created with numerous filter options. All stats can have a customer-specific layout and can also be adapted to the customer's individual requirements if necessary.

Data can be transferred between Bewasys installations and clients, for example delivery notes, price lists and financial bookings. Data transfer may be necessary, for example, to transfer deliveries from recycling centres to separate administrative systems or to exchange data between different company divisions. Each of them can work in their own system or as a different tenant in the same system.


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Field of applications

Some examples where Bewasys can be used are shown below:

Recycling centres

In its simplest case, receivals and charges are recorded at recycling centres. They are weighed or recorded in their respective unit of measure and, if required, invoiced using a price list. Simple analyses list the quantities of materials over a period of time and a cash register module reconciles the cash balance.

Delivery and drop-off areas of larger companies

Receivals and charges are more complex for larger companies, and the requirements of handling hazardous waste must be regarded. Detailed data can be recorded and subsequently entered in delivery notes, and it is also possible to combine several weighed containers of different types into one delivery note. Area management provides an overview of current stocks and warns of over- and under-capacity. The invoicing module can be used to invoice the customer immediately on premises or collectively after a certain period of time.

Companies with material receivals and sales as well as individual services

In addition to the standard processes, some companies offer advanced services (e.g. material transport to or from a customer, external weighing or provision of materials and equipment), which can be created and later invoiced using the order module.


Public authority systems can create annual fee schedules and either invoice processes themselves or commission companies to do so. The scale of charges can be transferred to other systems, where processes such as the receival of waste are carried out and, after these processes have been transferred back to the authority system, sent to the customer as a notification of charges.


Software Modules

Bewasys has been developed in a modular structure. This means that usually the customer works with a system customised to its needs.

Small delivery areas / recycling centres
  • Recording of processes with receivals and deliveries
  • Acceleration of processes, so that a new receival process can be started with just a few entries in order to cope with the generally high volume of customers at recycling centres
  • Connection of several scales possible
  • Yard list to view the vehicles currently in the yard
  • Creation of price lists with details of validity - new prices can be planned independently of the current prices
  • Creation of receipts and fee notices
  • Management of finances for on-site payments
  • Data transfer to other Bewasys systems and clients
  • Generate invoices from orders and delivery notes; if needed, create completely customised invoices
  • Various grouping options for data to be invoiced in order to invoice services individually or to combine many services on one invoice
  • Invoice preview before posting an invoice
  • Management of invoice dispatch by post or e-mail
  • Management of incoming payments
  • Reminder management
Orders and services, article management
  • Management of articles (products and services) with prices
  • Creation of order templates to be able to create customisable orders for recurring processes with little effort
  • Generation of orders and immediate or subsequent invoicing via the invoicing module
Area management
  • Management of area groups and individual areas each with its unit of measure and capacity
  • Possibility of restricting the areas to certain waste or material types that can be added to this area as input or removed as output
  • Overview of the stocks of all areas
  • Warnings for capacity limits (exceedance and shortfall)
  • Detailed area postings (input and output of quantities) with the option of correction and manual posting
Electronic waste documentation procedure – eANV
  • Creation of (collective) waste disposal certificates as well as consignment notes and transfer notes
  • Assignment of delivery notes to official transfer notes
  • Connection to NSUITE with qualified electronic signature, also possible as a remote signature
  • Customer communication management with various search filters for past support cases
  • Various statistics: for example, support volume per customer and period, support duration per employee

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