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Waste material flow management system (ASMS)

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The Waste Material Flow Management System ASMS was developed by Umweltdaten und Logistik GbR (UdL) until 2015 and was successfully used by numerous customers throughout Germany. ASMS is still used in many companies today.

After UdL ceased business operations, Berlikus IT GmbH was founded in 2015. Berlikus IT GmbH took over the ASMS product from UdL and became the new point of contact for support, maintenance and possible extensions for existing customers.

As the technological basis of ASMS is now outdated, all existing customers are gradually being migrated to the successor software Bewasys.

Irrespective of this, Berlikus IT GmbH continues to support existing ASMS customers with questions and problems and also develops necessary extensions on a small scale.

Our ASMS software services

ASMS (Waste Material Flow Management System) - support and training

Support & Training

General assistance, support and training

ASMS (Waste Material Flow Management System) - functional extension

Function extension

Extension of the software with functions important for the business process

ASMS (Waste Material Flow Management System) - Software enhancement

Software enhancement

Enhancement of the software with interfaces to new or modified software

ASMS (Waste Material Flow Management System) - analysis and troubleshooting

Analysis & Troubleshooting

Analysis and elimination of errors in the software or in interaction with external and third-party software (e.g. scales,
scheduling software, other ASMS installations)

ASMS (Waste Material Flow Management System) - New conception

New conception

Customised redesigns and implementations to remove existing sub-functionalities from ASMS and to replace ASMS

ASMS (Waste Material Flow Management System) - Contact

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